Estimation of Relative Efficiences of Hybridisation Probes Obtained by Action of Hudrazides of Biotin Derivatives on DNA

N. N. Karpyshev, T. Yu. Bondarenko, S. M. Kipriyanov

All-Union Research Institute of Molecular Biology, Kol'tsovo , Novosibirsk Region

Abstract: Efficiencies of biotinylated DNAs as hybridisation probes in a model system of non-radioactive detection were compared. Probes were obtained by interaction of single-stranded DNA and each of four different hydrazides of biotin derivatives. The most sensitivity in detection of complementary target was obtained using (biocytin hydrazido)-treated DNA. Relations between hydrazide structures and sensitivity of biotinylated probes are discussed.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1990, 16 (5):605-609

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