H- Phosphonate Method in the Synthesis of the Human Interleukin 4 Structural Gene

M. A. Coulagina, N. V. Scaptsova, N. V. Batchikova, A. N. Kurkin, A. V. Azhayev

All-Union Research Institute of Biotechnology, Moscow

Abstract: A modified H-phosphonate method was used to synthesize 32 oligodeoxyribonuc-leotides ranging in length from 23 to 28, which were enzymatically joined together to give the human interleukin 4 gene. The high degree of the oligonucleotide purity, achieved through the application of anion-exchange and reverse phase HPLC, ensures the-high percentage of the desired sequence (about 75%) in the cloned DNA.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1990, 16 (5):625-634

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