A Stereocontrolled Synthesis of Hydroprene and its 2Z ,4 E -stereoisomer

M. V. Mavrov, N.A. Urdaneta, E.P. Serebryakov

N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow

Abstract: The condensation of 4,8-dimethyl-1E-nonenylboronic acid with E- or Z-stereoisomers-of ethyl 3-bromo-2-butcnoalc catalyzed by Pd(0) complexes proceeds with nearly complete retention of configuration in both reactants to give ethyl 3,7,11-trimethyl-2E, 4E-dodccadienoatc («hydroprene») or its 2Z7 4E-stereoisomer, respectively.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1990, 16 (5):711-714

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