Synthesis of the Bunte's salts based on the purines

L. V. Tsalmane, M. J. Lidak

Institute of Organic Synthesis, Academy of Sciences of the Latvian SSR, Riga

Abstract: In search for chemical radio protectors, new Bunte's salts, viz. 2-(purinyl) ethylthio-sulphates and their 8-bromo- and 8-mercapto derivatives, were prepared from the corresponding 2-bromoethyl derivatives of purines by treatment with sodium thiosulphate. The Bunte's salt based on adenine was converted into disulphides by treatment with sodium borohydride or alkali. New Bunte's salts do not possess essential radioprotec-tive activity.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1990, 16 (7):976-980

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