Spatial organization of backbone of the neurotoxin 1 molecule from the Naja naja oxiana venom and its crystal packing

A.M. Mikhailov, A. V. Nikitenko, E. V. Chetverina, S. D. Trakhanov, B. K. Vainshtein

Institute of Crystallography, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow; Institute of Proteins, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Pushchino, Moscow Region

Abstract: The structure of the α-carbon chain was solved by molecular replacement method at 2.7 Å resolution. Neurotoxin I (NTX-I) is one of the main protein components purified from the venom of the central asian cobra Naja naja oxiana. NTX-I is known to bind specifically to acetylcholine receptors thus preventing the transmission of the neuroconductivity signal from synaps to muscles. NTX-I crystals were grown either by vapour diffusion or dialysis methods using specially prepared microdialysis cell. The intensities of reflections from native NTX-I crystals were measured in the range of 38.02.1 A-1 by ω-scan method with a Syntex P21 diffractometer operated in automatic regime. To determine the position and mode of packing of NTX-I molecule in unit cell program packages MERLOT and BLANC were applied running on a NORD-500 computer.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (3):372-378

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