Fluorine-containing acetylenes. Application in synthesis of fluorine analogues of natural compounds

A. M. Kornilov, S. I. Vdovenko, A. E. Sorochinsky, V. P. Kuchar

Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Oil Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Kiev

Abstract: A method of synthesizing various types of fluorine-modified bioactive compounds is described involving fluorination of alkynyl ketones by morpholinosulfur trifluoride as the key step. N-Isobutyl 6,6,-difluoro-2E,4E-decadienamide, ethyl-6,6-difluoro-2E, 4Z-decadienoate and 6,6-difluoro-5Z-undecen-2-one of a high degree of stereoisomeric purity were efficiently synthesized by this method.

Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 1991, 17 (3):427-429

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