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The Results of the Journal’s Competition 2007 (V. 33).
The Editorial Board of the Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry selected the following publications as the best of the year:

The first Prize
N. V. Pletneva, S. V. Pletnev, D. M. Chudakov, T. V. Tikhonova, V. O. Popov, V. I. Martynov, A. Wlodawer, Z. Dauter, V. Z. Pletnev "Three-Dimensional Structure of Yellow Fluorescent Protein Zyfp538 from Zoanthus Sp. at the Resolution 1.8 Å" (N 4, pp.390-398)

The second Prize
A. V. Vonarshenko, V. V. Radchenko, M. V. Gapon, I. L. Rodionov, I. I. Babichenko, D. L. Kakuev, I. D. Artamonov, A. V. Garkovenko, L. G. Dyachkova, V. M. Lipkin, I. A. Kostanyan "Identification and expression of haponin, a new protein from HL-60 cells" (N 6, pp.607-609)

G. A. Korshunova, N. V. Sumbatyan, N. V. Fedorova, I. V. Kuznetsova, A. V. Shishkina, A. A. Bogdanov "Peptide derivatives of tylosin-related macrolides" (N 2, pp.218-226)

The best Review
A. G. Gerbst, A. A. Grachev, A. S. Shashkov, N. E. Nifantiev "Computation techniques in the conformational analysis of carbohydrates" (N 1, pp.24-37)

Dear Authors and Readers of Journal!
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that since 2008 the volume of each issue will be increased by 2 quires.The decision about the increase has been made by the Editorial Board to speed up the articles publishing.

The Results of the Journal’s Competition 2006 (V. 32).
The Editorial Board of the Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry selected the following publications as the best of the year:

V. V. Bezuglov, N. M. Gretskaya, A. V. Blazhenova, E. L. Andrianova, M. G. Akimov, M. Yu. Bobrov, I. V. Nazimov, M. A. Kisel', O. L. Sharko, A. V. Novikov, N. V. Krasnov, V. P. Shevchenko, K. V. Shevchenko, T. V. V'yunova, and N. F. Myasoedov
Arachidonoyl Amino Acids and Arachidonoyl Peptides: Synthesis and Properties (N 3. pp. 231–239) – The first Prize

Yu. A. Zolotarev, A. K. Dadayan, O. V. Dolotov, V. S. Kozik, N. V. Kost, O. Yu. Sokolov, E. M. Dorokhova, V. K. Meshavkin, L. S. Inozemtseva, M. V. Gabaeva, L. A. Andreeva, L. Yu. Alfeeva, T. S. Pavlov, S. E. Badmaeva, Z. V. Bakaeva, G. N. Kopylova, G. E. Samonina, B. V. Vaskovsky, I. A. Grivennikov, A. A. Zozulya, and N. F. Myasoedov
Evenly Tritium-Labeled Peptides in Study of Peptide In Vivo and In Vitro Biodegradation (N 2, pp. 166–173) – The second Prize

E. V. Tishchenko, A. G. Sobol’, S. A. Krachkovsky, L. I. Vasil’eva, S. B. Nol’de, A. A. Shul’ga, M. P. Kirpichnikov, and A. S. Arseniev
Residual Dipolar Couplings and Molecular Dynamic Calculations as a Source for Refinement of Protein Spatial Structures (N 6, đđ. 529–541) – The third Prize

I. V. Gorokhova, A. A. Chinarev, A. B. Tuzikov, S. V. Tsygankova, and N. V. Bovin
Spontaneous and Promoted Association of Linear Oligoglycines (N 5, pp. 420–428) – The third Prize

L. I. Patrushev and I. G. Minkevich
Eukaryotic Noncoding DNA Sequences Provide Genes with an Additional Protection against Chemical Mutagens (N 4, pp. 368–372) – The third Prize

41st IUPAC World Chemistry Congress, Torino, August 5 to 11, 2007

The 41st IUPAC World Chemistry Congress will be held in Torino. Chemistry Protecting Health, Natural Environment and Cultural Heritage have been selected as the subjects of a scientific programme that addresses the major challenges of our times. All chemistry branches will however be present.

Several of the Congress themes are intimately connected with the ethics of science. This is reflected in the opening plenary lecture by Roald Hoffmann, Nobel laureate 1981, “Science and Ethics: A Marriage of Necessity and Choice for this Millennium.” The other plenary lectures will be delivered by Vincenzo Balzani (University of Bologna, Italy), “Molecular Devices and Machines”; Akira Fujishima (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology, Japan), “The Increasing Contribution of Photocatalysis to Comfort and Safety in the Urban Environment”; Robert Huber, Nobel laureate 1988 (Max-Planck-Institut fur Biochemie, Germany), “Proteins and their Structures for Basic Science and Application in Medicine”; Jan Wouters, president of the International Council of Museums - Committee for Conservation (Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels, Belgium), “Reflections on the Position of Chemistry in Multidisciplinary Approaches, Aiming at Protecting Cultural Heritage”; and Kurt Wuthrich, Nobel laureate 2002 (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland), “Protein Structure Biology Using NMR - at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology.”

Further information regarding the Congress can be found at the following address

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you in Torino for the 41st IUPAC World Chemistry Congress. We look forward to seeing you there and sharing our passion for chemistry!

Leiv K. Sydnes, IUPAC past president, chairs the Congress International Advisory Board; Giuseppe Della Gatta chair of the Scientific Programme Committee; and Francesco De Angelis, president of the Italian Chemical Society, co-chairs the Scientific Programme Committee and the International Advisory Board.

Number 1 of Volume 33 of 2007 is ready for publishing (Editor-compiler – member of Editorial board N. Nifantiev). It is devoted to carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry and it is two times as thick as a regular Issue (Its English version has a regular volume plus Supplement).

A thematic Issue on steroids has been compiled (Vol.33, N3, 2007, Editor-compiler – member of Editorial board A. Kamernitsky).

The selected full text articles (in russian) of each Issue of the Journal will be available on this Internet Site since 2007.

The editorial board of the journal plans in 2007 to publish topic issues devoted to (i) chemistry and biochemistry of carbohydrate-containing compounds (editor - N.E.Nifantiev, D.Sc., editorial board member); (ii) proteomics (editor - A.G. Gabibov, RAS correspondence member, editorial Board member); (iii) low molecular bioregulators (editor - A.V. Kamernitsky, D.Sc., editorial board member). Please, contact with editorial office concerning the participation in these issues.


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